Get Rid of a Structure on Your Property ASAP

Residential and commercial building demolition in Lilburn, GA

For two decades, Clean and Clear Services LLC was the premier choice for cleaning services in and around Lilburn, GA. Now, we're proud to offer demolition services, as well. No matter how large your property is, you can rely on us to get it cleared as quickly as possible.

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Get comprehensive demolition services

Get comprehensive demolition services

Tearing down a structure requires expertise and equipment that property owners don't have. Make sure the project is completed safely when you choose us for demolition.

Our demolition services include:

  • Residential demolitions, for everything from remodeling to new construction
  • Commercial demolitions, for new commercial construction or additions
  • Debris cleanup, for when we demo a structure on your property
  • Complimentary dump truck services if needed
  • Dirt can be provided during the demolition process
  • Inspections and reporting for asbestos

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